Miniature Inverted Soot Generator


Inverted burners have been used for several years to produce a steady stream of soot particles for aerosol research. Traditional inverted burners are relatively large and are costly to manufacture and difficult to move. 


The Miniature Inverted Soot Generator from Argonaut Scientific is a miniaturized version of the traditional inverted burner and uses a downward-flowing open-tipped diffusion flame to produce high concentrations of soot. The Miniature Inverted Soot Generator is a low-cost alternative to the miniCAST by Jing Ltd

As shown in the figure, the size and concentration of the soot can be adjusted by varying the fuel type (e.g. ethylene, propane, ethane, etc.) or the flow rates of fuel and air.


•  Low-cost soot generator for aerosol research and instrument  calibration

•  Inverted flame geometry for a stable soot concentration

•  Produces high concentrations of soot

•  Concentration and size of soot can be changed by varying fuel or air flow rates

•  Operates on a range of gaseous fuels (e.g. ethylene, propane, etc.) or a mixture of fuels.


Typical fuels

Typical flow rates of fuel

Typical flow rates of air

Particle number concentration

Particle mass concentration

Fuel and air connections

Exhaust connection

Dimensions (L x W x H) 


Ethylene, propane, ethane or fuel blends with methane and nitrogen

0.06 – 0.13 SLPM

7 – 10 SLPM

Up to ~1 x 10  cm

Up to ~100 mg/m

1/4" Swagelok

3/4" Swagelok

284 x 194 x 250 mm

5.6 kg




Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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